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Stainless steel fittings, piping and shut-off valves

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Threaded stainless steel fittings in Chelyabinsk

Threaded fittings are the most common type of pipe fittings. They allow you to create a pipeline system of any configuration thanks to a variety of designs. The wide popularity of threaded fittings is due to their versatility, ease of installation and maintenance, the possibility of multiple installation / disassembly and replacement. The execution of these stainless steel parts ensures the strength, reliability and durability of the connections.

Threaded fittings supplied by ALFA-STAR are made of AISI 304 (08X18H10), AISI 316 (03X17H12M2) steel according to DIN 2999 standard. In our assortment:

  • american women hp/HP and HP/BP, including with a PTFE gasket that ensures maximum tightness. They are used in systems with high pressure and temperatures;
  • barrels. Used for connecting two fixed pipes, connecting equipment (water meters, filters, etc.);
  • stainless plugs HP four- and hexagon, BP (cap). They are used to create dead-end branches of the pipeline, as well as covers for containers;
  • lock nuts. Designed to prevent unscrewing of threaded connections;
  • stainless steel BP couplings are equal-pass and transitional for connecting pipeline sections with the same or different diameters;
  • welded nipples, one end of which is welded to the pipe, and the second is connected with a thread; hexagon wrench; adapter for connecting pipes of different diameters;
  • taps 90o HP/HP and BP/HP to change the direction of the working flow;
  • stainless steel girders, threaded and welded;
  • futorki - adapters from one thread to another;
  • tees for work flow distribution;
  • fittings for connecting equipment, measuring instruments, containers.

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